About Casting Call Club

I've mentioned Casting Call Club (or CCC for short), including my post right before this one, and it's a site where I can find over 1,000 casting calls, although unfortunately, less than 10% of them are actually paid. Even if there is a role that is paid (if you're there for the pay), most of the time it's going be $5-10. Sometimes I'll come across some that are actually pretty good (not that long ago, there was a videogame developer who needed some voice actors to play at least 10 roles, and was paying each actor $300 (except I wasn't in the age range of the characters)), and it's a very good place for practice. The projects that aren't paid, most of the time isn't worth it, mainly because anyone can host a casting call for free, so there are a lot of people who aren't very serious about their project, or who are, but end up giving up on it because they don't have enough time for it (mainly because either their work or school) . And most of the actors have really bad mic quality and aren't very good. But again, there are still some professional people there. And CCC isn't only for voice acting, it's also for singing, art, video editing, directing, producing, audio engineering , composing, and animating. But if you're starting any of those talents, I would totally recommend CCC, as it's very good for practice and getting started.