Auphonic Program

Whenever I finish editing a podcast, I always run it through a program called "Auphonic", which will level out the decibel level, remove any weird hum throughout the podcast episode, and level out the stereo sound. We started using this program about 2 months ago. It's helped out a lot and especially helps out when some spots are quiet or other spots too loud. We've learned what helps is if we take out a little of the top part of the editor screen, it gets all of those annoying saliva sounds. I've also learned some new to do besides just editing a podcast, because one of my clients asked if I could get 2 excerpts from the episode so that she could use them to advertise on Facebook. That started about 2 weeks ago.

Also, I have another blog for my voice over (yes, that's another passion of mine that actually started me in editing by learning a lot about Audition), and the address is Hope you enjoy that blog too!