Dealing With a Difficult Podcast

Hello! Simeon back again to talk about podcast editing. Yesterday I was editing a podcast, and the person being interviewed used a lot of "ums", which is pretty normal, except he used more "ums" instead of background noises, repetition, "so", etc. This made it kind of easy, but after a while, it can really get on your nerves!

I've experienced someone like this before (in fact, he was one of the hardest people I've ever edited!), who would literally say "um" or "uh" EVERY...TEN...SECONDS!!!...*Clearing throat* anyways, he was a big problem. My dad and I (who goes through the podcast after I edit it to clear out any excess noise) knew it would take forever to finish, at least a week! So, we decide to edit the first few seconds the host and the guest switched off from talking. And even though it wasn't tip-top shape, it was the best we could do.