Editing The Guest Without Editing The Host (or Vice Versa)

Some podcasts episodes are solo-casts, and others are interviews. It's a piece of cake to edit if it's solo, but interviews are a different story. Interviews are harder to edit because if one person needs editing, you don't want to edit the other person out. One of my clients is always interviewing, but thankfully, he always sends us the podcast episodes in a "Stereo" channel, which means that the host and guest are separated from left to right. How does this make it easier? Because in Audition (the program I use to edit podcasts) you can turn off either left or right. For example; if the host (who's on the left) has a phone call, and the guest (who's on the right) is speaking at that moment, I wouldn't want to cut out what the guest is saying, so I just silence the right side, and then I can get to business with the left side.