How To Make Your Podcast Sound Better

If you have a podcast, you want to make it sound as good as possible. The better the quality, the more listeners. So, I've made a list of things to make your podcast sound better:

  • Have a good microphone. If you have a cheap and low-quality mic, it'll pick up that annoying white noise that everyone knows and hates.
  • Have a short 1-3 minute intro to the podcast so that if someone's listening to the podcast for the first time, they can get to know you or what the podcast is about.
  • Have a podcast editor!!! You need someone to take out all that excess sounds, filler words, repeated sentences, etc.
  • Write down on a piece of paper about what you're going to talk about so that you don't forget in the middle of the podcast.
  • If you're interviewing, let your guest know what you're going to talk about and ask him/her beforehand.
  • Have an outro so that your listeners know where to go to find out about stuff on your blog, or find out more about the guest speaker.