New Headphones

A few days ago I ordered a pair of wireless Bluetooth MPOW headphones, and they just came in yesterday. They are excellent! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ five stars! You can connect them to your phone or computer by Bluetooth or just using an AUX cord. When it's connected to a phone, you can answer and decline calls by pressing a button on the headphones. It even has a mic, so when you're on a phone call, you can just talk through the mic, instead of having to be right next to your phone. But the best part about it (which was what I was looking for) is that it was very noise canceling. When I'm editing, there's always a lot of noise in our house (I have eight siblings, so you can imagine why it's always loud), and it's super distracting when I hear something that I think is coming from the podcast, but is actually my baby sister.  Oh! I forgot the very BEST part of it! It's...*drum roll*...COMFY! Yep, you know by how I emphasise it with CAPS, Bold, Italic, and Underscore that that is very important!