Sound Design for Minecraft Animations

Last week I saw a casting call that needed characters for a Minecraft (a video game) animation series. I love Minecraft and wanted to be involved, but there weren't any characters my age for me to audition.

So I messaged the host of the casting call and asked if he'd want any help with the audio. He messaged me back, and to skip some other chat that wasn't important, and he gave me a test.

He sent me a short, second long animation, and asked me if I could create a sound for it. So, I sent him a sound that would probably match the video. When I sent it, he said it didn't sound just right. Then I sent him a new one. He thought it was great! This is the final project:

That little bit of sound took around five sound effects! The small particle shard sounds were glass being cracked by hand! After I got the glass audio (I have a big library of sound effects), I sped it up and changed the pitch lower, as if it were a bunch of glass moving around. Then I added some wind swishes as the particles moved, to give it the sense of speed, and the small explosion, in the beginning, was a bomb blowing up, so I shortened it so it wouldn't be as intense. I also used a few other small sound effects, but that would be too long and too hard to explain.