Sound Designing for TCE

In my previous post, I wrote that I auditioned for a project that needed a sound designer. Well, There's still no feedback from that (even though I was supposed to find out if I was picked or not a week ago), but a few days after I auditioned, I asked the director of TCE (the channel I voice act for) if he needed me to do any more voices. He said it'll be a while until more lines for me come in, but if I'm interested, I could script write or SOUND DESIGN (did you see that he said SOUND DESIGN??? Right over there!!). Maybe I got a little carried away... Anyways, I said I would do it, and he gave me a choice of 2 different projects I can start on! Either Darth Vader, or The Trigger. I told him I could do The Trigger, but he should have some back up in case I don't do it right. Then, he gave me a LOT of really cool sound effects! After working on it for a few days, I asked him what the deadline was. He said a few months. Then I knew I didn't have to worry too much.

The way I approached putting in sound is by making sure it wasn't too loud, and I didn't want it to overwhelm the narration because this isn't a complete audio drama. If I were to put sounds throughout the whole story nonstop, it would make it sound like the narrator was actually there, and not describing it.

Here's a small clip of the sound effects I put with a piece of the story: