The 6 Different Formats For Podcasts

There are six different types of podcast formats according to Charli Prangley:

  1. Interviews are podcasts where there's a host(s) interviewing their guest. Example podcast: Richer Soul
  2. Conversational podcasts are podcasts where the host(s) talks about certain topics. Example podcast: The Tolkien Road
  3. Educational podcasts normally have more than one host and center towards a certain topic that is educational. Example podcast: A Way With Words
  4. Solo-casts are podcasts that center towards the podcast host and their experiences. Example podcast: Einstein Blueprint
  5. Non-fiction storytelling are podcasts where the host(s) talk about real stories that have happened in the world around us.  
  6. Podcast Theatre podcasts are basically radio drama but in podcasts. It would have sound effects and voice actors to make it a TV show, but video.