The Podcast Editing Process

Well, first of all, my computer is now 100% built! And it's a BIG improvement for the editing! Anyways, that said, let's get down to the main stuff of this blog post.

So, I'm going to explain the process of the editing:

1:   Download files (podcast episode, intro, and outro) from Dropbox/Google Drive (depending on client)

2:   Start and finish editing the episode and save it as finished

3:   Start and finish editing the intro and outro

4:   Apply intro and outro music (again, depending on the client)

5:   Apply intro and outro to the podcast episode

6:   Send to the client!

Phew! I guess that wasn't much of an explanation...

But deeper into it, I'd edit the podcast and then my dad would go over it to get any little mistakes I missed.

Well, I guess that's it! (Yep, a super short one this time...only 142 words!)