What I Wish Adobe Audition Had

Sometimes I think, what if Au had... This. If it had the things I think it should have, editing could be more than twice as fast. But of course, that would be pretty hard to make. But the things I had in mind are these:

  • Make it so that if you select, for example, the word "um", and somehow process it throughout the episode (somewhat like the noise reduction effect), then select all the "um"s it can find, I could then delete it. But I can see an issue where if it selected all the "um"s, it could get mixed up with another word like "from", thinking the "om" from "from" would think it was an "um".
  • Improve the noise reduction effect so that when it clears out the background noise, it can also take out the noise (as in white noise in the background) from the parts where the guest and or the host are speaking.
  • This one isn't actually for editing, but recording (and Au might already have this option): be able to control the gain of the mic while recording.