Sound Designing for TCE

In my previous post, I wrote that I auditioned for a project that needed a sound designer. Well, There's still no feedback from that (even though I was supposed to find out if I was picked or not a week ago), but a few days after I auditioned, I asked the director of TCE (the channel I voice act for) if he needed me to do any more voices. He said it'll be a while until more lines for me come in, but if I'm interested, I could script write or SOUND DESIGN (did you see that he said SOUND DESIGN??? Right over there!!). Maybe I got a little carried away... Anyways, I said I would do it, and he gave me a choice of 2 different projects I can start on! Either Darth Vader, or The Trigger. I told him I could do The Trigger, but he should have some back up in case I don't do it right. Then, he gave me a LOT of really cool sound effects! After working on it for a few days, I asked him what the deadline was. He said a few months. Then I knew I didn't have to worry too much.

The way I approached putting in sound is by making sure it wasn't too loud, and I didn't want it to overwhelm the narration because this isn't a complete audio drama. If I were to put sounds throughout the whole story nonstop, it would make it sound like the narrator was actually there, and not describing it.

Here's a small clip of the sound effects I put with a piece of the story:

Auditioning For Casting Call: Dandelion

I recently auditioned for a part of a sound engineer in a casting call called "Dandelion" - Student Short Film. There were 2 other auditions, and they were really good! What the person needed was someone to put together sound effects for a 2-minute short video. Though it's not paid, I thought I would audition for this because I like to put together sound effects sometimes and that if I get chosen, it would be a good experience for me, since I usually do voice acting and audio editing, and it's really short, so I wouldn't feel too pressured for a big project like that.

This was my audition:

Here's the link to the casting call: "Dandelion" - Student Short Film

What I Wish Adobe Audition Had

Sometimes I think, what if Au had... This. If it had the things I think it should have, editing could be more than twice as fast. But of course, that would be pretty hard to make. But the things I had in mind are these:

  • Make it so that if you select, for example, the word "um", and somehow process it throughout the episode (somewhat like the noise reduction effect), then select all the "um"s it can find, I could then delete it. But I can see an issue where if it selected all the "um"s, it could get mixed up with another word like "from", thinking the "om" from "from" would think it was an "um".
  • Improve the noise reduction effect so that when it clears out the background noise, it can also take out the noise (as in white noise in the background) from the parts where the guest and or the host are speaking.
  • This one isn't actually for editing, but recording (and Au might already have this option): be able to control the gain of the mic while recording.

Having Fun With Voice Effects

For fun, I decided to take advantage of the effects in Adobe Audition. So, I recorded myself a bunch of times, then had fun changing it around, like making some parts stereo, or changing the pitch, or even making my voice echo. Here's the final "product":

This just shows how with technology these days, you can make really cool stuff with sound. There's also a site called Voice Changer where you can quickly run a recording through a process that you like, and it can do lots of really cool effects, and even customize and make your own! Just go to

About Casting Call Club

I've mentioned Casting Call Club (or CCC for short), including my post right before this one, and it's a site where I can find over 1,000 casting calls, although unfortunately, less than 10% of them are actually paid. Even if there is a role that is paid (if you're there for the pay), most of the time it's going be $5-10. Sometimes I'll come across some that are actually pretty good (not that long ago, there was a videogame developer who needed some voice actors to play at least 10 roles, and was paying each actor $300 (except I wasn't in the age range of the characters)), and it's a very good place for practice. The projects that aren't paid, most of the time isn't worth it, mainly because anyone can host a casting call for free, so there are a lot of people who aren't very serious about their project, or who are, but end up giving up on it because they don't have enough time for it (mainly because either their work or school) . And most of the actors have really bad mic quality and aren't very good. But again, there are still some professional people there. And CCC isn't only for voice acting, it's also for singing, art, video editing, directing, producing, audio engineering , composing, and animating. But if you're starting any of those talents, I would totally recommend CCC, as it's very good for practice and getting started.