The Average Edits Per Podcast

Today I was podcast editing again, and when I was about to save the progress I had gotten so far, I noticed in the history rack (there's more about the history rack in one of my blog posts) it said that I had 225 edits! That's a lot, especially since I had only been editing for about an hour, and had edited around 20 minutes. So, that gave me the idea to talk about the average amount of edits it takes for a podcast episode. 

Through my calculations, the average amount of edits per podcast episode is about 700 edits. I work for someone who is better than the average amount, who's podcasts is normally around just 300 edits! That's what I call relaxing! But it's not always like that. One time I experienced a very tragic episode, scoring around 1200 edits! And that was a year ago, so I wasn't as experienced as I am now. But, after a LOT of hassle, my dad and I (if you didn't know, he helps out with the editing) were able to finish it. I must say, it opened my eyes to how bad the feature episodes could be. A few times we've experienced episodes almost as bad, but that's another story.